A new book series published by Oxford (from 2009 to the present) has made a significant impact on the field of forensic psychology by offering concise, empirically based information regarding the best practices for forensic assessment in a variety of areas. The series consists of 20 books, each written by well-known and well-respected leaders in the field of forensic psychology.

The series editors—Kirk Heilbrun, Tom Grisso, and Alan Goldstein—start the series with a book on the Foundations of Forensic Mental Health Assessment, which provides an overview of the foundational considerations in forensic mental health assessment. Each of the 19 books that follow uses a similar format, with a description of the legal context, the forensic mental health concepts, and the empirical foundation and limits for each content area followed by detailed information on preparing for the evaluation, data collection, interpretation, and report writing and testimony. The books are targeted towards mental health and legal professionals involved in various aspects of forensic mental health assessment. They represent an accumulation of decades of knowledge that has been distilled into best practices to be followed by those involved in these evaluations.

The book series is organized into 3 sections of titles—Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile & Family—each of which will be described in more detail below. This series is a must-have for anyone interested or involved in forensic mental health assessment.

Criminal Titles in the Series

Evaluation of Competence to Stand Trial by Patricia Zapf & Ronald Roesch

Evaluation of Criminal Responsibility by Ira Packer

Evaluating Capacity to Waive Miranda Rights by Alan Goldstein & Naomi Goldstein

Evaluation of Sexually Violent Predators by Philip Witt & Mary Alice Conroy

Evaluation for Risk of Violence in Adults by Kirk Heilbrun

Evaluation for Capital Sentencing by Mark Cunningham

Evaluating Eyewitness Identification by Brian Cutler & Margaret Bull Kovera

Jury Selection by Margaret Bull Kovera & Brian Cutler (forthcoming)

Civil Titles in the Series

Evaluation of Capacity to Consent to Treatment and Research by Scott Kim

Evaluation for Guardianship by Eric Drogin & Curtis Barrett

Evaluation for Workplace Discrimination and Harassment by Jane Goodman-Delahunty &  William Foote

Evaluation for Personal Injury Claims by Andrew Kane & Joel Dvoskin

Evaluation of Workplace Disability by Lisa Piechowski

Evaluation for Civil Commitment by Debra Pinals & Douglas Mossman

Juvenile and Family Titles in the Series

Evaluation of Juveniles’ Competence to Stand Trial by Ivan Kruh & Tom Grisso

Evaluation for Risk of Violence in Juveniles by Robert Hoge & D.A. Andrews

Evaluation of Parenting Capacity in Child Protection by Karen Budd, Jennifer Clark & Mary Connell

Evaluation for Disposition and Transfer of Juvenile Offenders by Randy Salekin (forthcoming)

Evaluation for Child Custody by Geri Fuhrmann & Robert Zibbell

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