One specialization in psychology, as mentioned in the previous post, is clinical psychology.  If this subject interests you and you want to learn what careers you can find or you want to know if this is indeed the best option for you, then read on as we define and give you a thorough knowledge of clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology

What is Clinical Psychology?

In a description from Wikipedia, clinical psychology is ” an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development.  “In other words, this facet of psychology deals with having the methodological and intellectual skills needed to study human behavior. This study not only focuses on counseling and education but also in conducting assessment and intervention.  It involves a deep understanding of human individuality and takes into consideration some environmental factors that affect a patient’s mind and attitude.

Some think that clinical psychology is the same as psychiatry. Although there are similarities, there are also a lot of differences. Psychiatry, focuses mainly on providing treatment through medication while clinical psychology focuses training on research to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment. Another notable difference between them are the title they hold after college. A psychiatrist comes out of medical school, thus, is called a Doctor of Medicine while a clinical psychologist earns either a PhD or a PsyD. Additionally, a clinical psychologist will have to complete more clinical internships and is required to have at least a year of personal psychotherapy experience.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology – Handbook for Clinical Psychologists

Mental health practitioners need to be abreast in new treatments and innovations. They have to study constantly, research and follow the new guidelines and programs set for them, thus a journal was founded — the Journal of Clinical Psychology. According to, this journal is a peer-reviewed forum aimed at getting and sharing the newest information and processes for those who practice in the field of mental health. These journals are being published eight times a year and include comprehensive articles, notes, brief reports and news about the program of study.

Clinical Psychology Masters and Graduate Programs – Who Offers Them?

A lot of schools are now offering a clinical psychology degree. But if you are serious about getting career advances taking this course from a well-known school with solid foundations on psychology and mental health practice is better versus just taking it in any school unbeknown to employers.  Some popular community colleges and universities offer a masters or doctorate degree in clinical psychology that one will not have a hard time choosing.

Notable names in the field, are of course, Harvard University and Yale University in Connecticut.  Emory University, a private research university is also well-known in their ranking in psychology graduate program.  Northwestern University also offers a wide array of psychology specialization, forensic and clinical psychology can be taken as bachelor of arts and doctoral degrees.

For ideas on schools offering courses in clinical or other specialization in psychology, read on and check which one will work best for you.

In the west, particularly in the state of Arizona, Western International University and Brown Mackie College have great history of providing excellent education in the psychological field. The Alliant International University in California and its Mexico city campus offers APA approved doctoral and masteral programs as well. Other schools in California offering the program are University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Palo Alto University. The Utah State University also has top-caliber psychology programs. The Colorado University and Argosy University in Denver in Colorado also have managed to get a great reputation in the psychology field. Meanwhile, Ohio has the Toledo University in Ohio, Michigan has the University of Michigan and University of Rochester and Wayne University in Detroit. Wisconsin boasts of University of Wisconsin-Madison, the states of Indiana has the Indiana University in Bloomington. In the Northwest, Idaho University, University of Wisconsin, University of Montana and University of Oregon are the best choices.

The Midwest boasts of psychology courses available to students. A Parent who wants their child to stay at a college near their place can choose from Illinois University, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), Northwestern University, University of Minnesota in Minneapolis University of Iowa & Washington University in Missouri.

In the Northeastern part of the United States, there are several colleges and universities offering the program, most of them maintaining good reputation and rankings in being the top school in the US. New York city has Syracuse University, Columbia University, Fordham University and New York University (NYU). Pennsylvania has Lehigh Valley University, Temple University and University of Pittsburgh while University of Massachusetts, Boston University and Clark University is the pride of Massachusetts. New Jersey is not to be left behind because they have comprehensive psychology programs at the Rutgers University.

Lastly, the South also has a great population of psychology universities that master psychological education. Duke University in North Carolina, George Mason University in Virginia, Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, University of Memphis and University of Maryland (MA) are the first to come to mind when thinking about human behavior programs. University of Houston and Our Lady of the Lake University tops the Texas list while University of Georgia, Western Kentucky University and University of Miami in Florida leads in their respective states.

There are also top psychology schools found outside of the United States. Some of them namely, the British school, Suffolk University and York University in Ontario. Some schools also offer online associates, undergraduate and grad programs. To some the convenience of the settings of an online school attracts them versus traveling or moving states to get a degree.

Associated Clinic of Psychology, APA and SDN – Networks Involving Clinical Psychology Students and Professionals

There is a consortium and network of medical and mental health professionals all around United States that aids clinical psychologists and students alike in their mission to impact people to have a healthy outlook in life. These organizations and bodies also help them in getting involved in social circles of mental health professionals by conducting annual forums and gathering around the country.

In the state of Minnesota, one  organization is the Associated Clinic of Psychology which is well-known for their mission of providing the best suite of mental health services. They have clinic-based services as well as in-home services. Most practitioners in the state associate with this group to get better exposure and experience.

Meanwhile, the largest association of psychologists, the American Psychological Association (APA) handles accreditation, checking of requirements and review of schools and their educational standards.

Consequently, practitioners of the field also partner with the Student Doctor Network, a group that has a huge coverage when it comes to practicing almost all the sciences. They organize meet-ups and conferences for medical professionals as well.

Clinical Psychology Jobs and Salaries – What Are Your Options?

So you’ve decided that you would want a career in clinical psychology because you are determined to learn how an apple keep dementia away, what is green psychology and how bowling helps in sports psychology. You say to yourself that you want to be the James Calhoun of your generation and contribute for the good of the industry. But the main thing you are thinking of are the answers to the questions, how much will you earn and what will you exactly do? What are the requirements in getting a career in clinical psychology?

Getting a job in psychology will require you to undergo a rigorous process. Aside from the internship that you need to finish in school, an interview and series of tests are required for yo to get a job. Most of the times you start of as an assistant but that is a great stepping stone in getting the required experience for you to be able to operate your own clinic.

How much does a clinical psychologist earn, you ask? It depends largely on what state you intend to practice but according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009, the average earnings of a clinical psychologist is $72,310. Which also coincides with’s tally of $51,815 and $90,557 depending on other bonuses and profit-sharing.

Given all these information and data, surely  clinical psychology is something that will definitely make you grow, financially and even in finding your purpose. Aside from being able to provide for your family, you will also be able to help a lot of people in their dilemmas by providing expert mental health advice.

No wonder a lot of Americans now consider clinical psychology  as a great career as well as a vocation.

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