This self-paced online training program on Assessment and Management of Stalking using the (SAM)  was developed by Dr. Randy Kropp with Protect International (formally ProActive Resolutions) and presented in partnership with ConCEPT Professional Training. The program is a set of comprehensive structured professional judgment guidelines for assessing and managing risk for stalking. The SAM incorporates the latest advances in the SPJ approach to risk assessment, including methods for violence risk formulation and scenario planning. Initial research has demonstrated the SAM’s promise for its use by professionals working with stalkers and their victims, with results showing the SAM has good reliability and validity (Kropp, Hart, Lyon, & Storey, 2011).

  • Describe key concepts for assessing and managing risk for stalking behavior
  • Learn to rate the risk factors on the SAM
  • Describe how the SAM can be implemented in practice to formulate cases

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