This self-paced online Report Writing for Forensic Evaluation training program was developed by Dr. Randy Otto and is presented in partnership with ConCEPT Professional Training. This program focuses on conducting well-constructed forensic psychological evaluations and how this is not enough to persuade judges, attorneys, and other referral sources. Examiners must also be able to effectively communicate what data they considered, what actions they took, and the opinions they formed and underlying reasoning. Because psychologists, in most cases, do not testify about their work, reports and affidavits the vehicles they must use. The main learning objectives are:

  • List primary purposes of reports and affidavits that summarize their forensic evaluations and describe the different functions of reports and affidavits
  • Identify common legal requirements of reports summarizing forensic psychological examinations and how APA’s ethics code and forensic practice guidelines shape reports summarizing forensic psychological evaluations
  • List 3 reasons to include competing hypotheses, disconfirmatory data, and alternative explanations in their reports

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