This article provides a review and summary of various graduate programs offering masters degrees in forensic psychology. There appears to be five fully online masters programs in forensic psychology and at least 13 different campus-based masters programs in forensic psychology. Each of these is reviewed and summarized to provide relevant information to those interested in pursuing graduate education in the field of forensic psychology.

Online Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology

Last year I reviewed and summarized five fully online masters programs in forensic psychology (four of which are based in the United States and one of which is based in the United Kingdom). Each of these programs appears to have its various strengths and weaknesses as well as differences in tuition costs.

For an easy comparison chart of these five programs, please click here.

For summaries and reviews of each of these programs, please click the relevant link below:

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

University of North Dakota

Argosy University

Walden University

University of Liverpool

Campus-Based Master Degree in Forensic Psychology

Although there are a few programs where students can complete a Masters in Clinical Psychology or a Masters in Experimental Psychology with a concentration on psychology and law, there are also about thirteen programs that offer Masters Degrees in Forensic Psychology.

I have summarized each of these programs with respect to their program description, coursework, tuition, and whether or not a thesis and/or clinical practicum work is required or available as part of the program.

For a summary of the relevant program, please click the links below:

American International College

Arizona State University

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

College of Saint Elizabeth

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Holy Names University

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Marymount University

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology

New York Law School

Roger Williams University

University of Denver

University of North Dakota

Career Profiles and Information

If you are already in a masters or doctoral program in forensic psychology or just want more information on careers in forensic psychology, check out the rest of this site as there are a bunch of articles on career opportunities in forensic psychology as well as a bunch of great career profiles prominent individuals in the forensic psychology arena. Enjoy!

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