Evaluation of Risk for Violence using the HCR-20-V3

eval-hcr20Dr. Hart and Dr. Douglas present the Evaluation of Risk for Violence using the HCR-20 Version 3. This training program focuses on the revised HCR-20 (now called HCR:V3) in the U.S. and describes why and how the HCR-20 was revised; how Version 3 differs from its predecessors; initial research validation of Version 3; what its risk factors are and how to rate them; and how to complete case formulation and risk management planning using Version 3. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete the HCR:V3 on a practice case.  This Training Program typically takes about 20 hours to complete and includes review of the training videos, reading the HCR-20 Version 3 Manual, working through the Case Illustration, and working through a clinical case using the HCR-20 Version 3.

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