The modern era of forensic psychology began in the 1960s and the American Psychology-Law Society was founded late that same decade. The first journal devoted to forensic psychology, Law and Human Behavior, (the official journal of the American Psychology-Law Society) was published in 1977. Today, Law and Human Behavior (LHB) remains one of the foremost journals in the area of forensic psychology / psychology and law. In addition to LHB, a number of other journals have been added to the field.

Top 3 Journals in Forensic Psychology

Journal rankings within a particular field are typically determined by a journal's impact factor, which is a number that reflects the average number of citations to articles published. In any given year, the impact factor of a journal is the average number of citations received per paper published in that journal over the two preceding years. In addition to a journal's impact factor, the recognition of a journal by top scholars in an area may also be used to determine the relative ranking of a particular journal. Helms (2009) surveyed professionals in the field of forensic psychology and determined the top three journals in forensic psychology to be:

Law and Human Behavior

Psychology, Public Policy and Law

Behavioral Sciences and the Law

Journals in Forensic Psychology

The following is a list of those journals that are dedicated to issues of forensic psychology or psychology and law. These include a number of specialty journals that focus on a specific area within this broad field.

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  • Criminology and Public Policy
  • International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
  • International Journal of Forensic Mental Health
  • International Journal of Police Science and Management
  • Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law
  • Journal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology
  • Journal of Criminal Psychology
  • Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
  • Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology
  • Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice
  • Journal of Forensic Sciences
  • Journal of Legal Studies
  • Law and Human Behavior
  • Law and Psychology Review
  • Legal and Criminological Psychology
  • Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology
  • Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
  • Psychological Injury and Law
  • Psychology, Crime and Law
  • Psychology, Public Policy and Law
  • See also: Helms, J. L. (2009, March). Forensic psychology journal rankings. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychology-Law Society, San Antonio, TX.

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