A number of universities and colleges offer Masters Degrees in Forensic Psychology as a terminal program (meaning that you are awarded the master's degree at the completion of the program, as opposed to along the way towards earning a PhD degree).

In general, Masters programs take about 2 years to complete and each program differs in its emphasis on research and clinical work, with some offering mainly clinical courses and experiences while others offer mainly research-oriented coursework and experiences. The members and Committees of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS: Division 41 of the American Psychological Association) have put together the following list of programs that offer on campus (as opposed to online) masters degrees in forensic psychology.

Programs offering Masters Degrees in Forensic Psychology

Argosy University (MA in Forensic Psychology)

American International College (MS in Forensic Psychology)

Arizona State University (MS in Psychology; Law and Psychology JD/PhD Program)

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (MA in Forensic Psychology)

College of Saint Elizabeth (MA in Forensic Psychology and Counseling)

Fairleigh Dickinson University (MA in Forensic Psychology)

Holy Names University (MA in Forensic Psychology; Dual MA in Forensic and Counseling Psychology)

John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY (MA or PhD)

Marymount University (MA in Forensic Psychology)

Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MA in Forensic and Counseling Psychology)

New York Law School (MA and Certificate in Mental Disability Law)

Palo Alto University (MA in Forensic & Correctional Psychology)

Roger Williams University (MA in Forensic Psychology)

The Sage Colleges (MS in Forensic Mental Health or MA in Counseling and Community Psychology)

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (MA in Clinical or Experimental Psychology with Concentration in Psychology and Law)

University of Denver (MA in Forensic Psychology)

University of Florida (MA or joint JD/MA in Criminology, Law and Society)

University of Leicester (MSc in Forensic Psychology)

University of Nebraska (joint JD/ PhD or joint JD/MA in Clinical or Social Psychology or Masters of Legal Studies)

University of North Dakota (MS or MA in Forensic Psychology)

Valparaiso University (Joint JD/MA in Counseling)

Graduate Program Information & Admission Requirements

The Teaching, Training, and Careers Committee of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) compiles a Guide to Graduate Programs in Forensic and Legal Psychology, which is a useful tool for anyone considering graduate programs in forensic psychology. This guide lists current graduate programs in forensic and legal psychology. Programs are listed alphabetically by degree type: doctoral programs (PhD and PsyD), joint programs (PhD/JD, PsyD/JD, JD/MA, PhD/MLS), and masters-level programs. Each program is described using the same categories (program facts, admission criteria, opportunities for research or practica, and funding availability) to help prospective students make informed choices about graduate training and education in psychology and law.

The table below is excerpted from this Guide to Graduate Programs in Forensic and Legal Psychology and outlines the entry requirements (Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores and Grade Point Average (GPA) scores); the ratio of applicants to admissions (Apps / Adm); whether the program offers grants, stipends, or assistantships (G&S/A); whether the program offers tuition waivers or remission (TW/R); the number of years to complete the program (Yrs – Comp); and the number of years that the program has been in existence (Yrs – Exist). This is helpful information when considering the programs in which to apply and/or accept offers of admission.


ps: Adm

G & S/ Assist TW/ R Yrs- Comp Yrs-Exist
American International College Not Required 2.8 40 : 15 Yes/Yes Yes 2 8
California State University, LA Not Required 3.0 60 : 4-6 Yes/No No 2 11
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Not Required 3.0 100 : 65 Yes/Yes No 2 8
The College of Saint Elizabeth N/A No Minimum 25 : 15 No/Yes No 2.5 3
Fairleigh Dickinson University 1000 3 50 : 10-15 No/No No 1.5
Holy Names University Not Required 3 25 : 22-25 No/No Yes 2-4 30
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY 1000 3.0 175 : 115 No/No No 2 32
Marymount University 450 3.0 200 : 90 No/Yes No 1.5-2 10
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Not Required 3.0 76 : 24 Yes/Yes No 3 2
Palo Alto University Not Required 3.0 NotAvailable No/No No 3 0
Roger Williams University 1000 3.0 45-65 : 60% Yes/Yes No 2 4
The Sage Colleges Not required NoMinimum 8 : 4 No/Yes No 3-4 10
University of Colorado- Colorado Springs Not Required NoMinimum 40 : 15 Yes/Yes No 2 3
University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology 1100 3.5 60-90 : 25 Yes/Yes No 2 11
University of Leicester N/A N/A 120 : 120 No/Yes No 1 15
University of Nevada, Reno Criminal Justice Department Average-HighScores 3.0 Unknown  : 6 Yes/Yes Yes 3 5
University of North Dakota No Minimum 3.0 10 : 3 Yes/Yes No 2 3